Ebony's Diary...

From the diary of Ebony Campbell:  June 3rd

I find myself gazing out the kitchen window as I drink a glass of ice-cold lemonade. It’s a small pleasure I miss about home. Ice tea and lemonade is a southern thing, something most Californians do not understand.

A flutter of movement catches my eye, drawing me like a magnet toward the rose bushes lining the high-backed fence. Then I see it, a butterfly. As it flutters away, I notice another one resting on a cocoon. It’s wobbly as it moves its wings. After closer examination, I see they are not ready for flight. The corners remain curled, as if it recently emerged from its cocoon.  I’ve never seen a butterfly in this state of development before. I feel blessed to have this opportunity.

A light breeze blows though the yard, rustling the leaves of the bush, causing the rose to sway. The butterfly loses its grip and falls free. On instinct, I reach out to catch it. It lands lightly in my outstretched palm.  I stare down at it in amazement. It is so light, so soft; I can barely feel it in my hand. I hold my breath and lift my hand closer to my face. I’m afraid if I exhale, I will blow it out of my hand.

The beautiful, vibrant colors of the insect amaze me. The body of the creature is ink-black and stands out in brilliant contrast to the bold blue of its wings. Black trims the tips and dots the edges of the unfurled wings. As the butterfly recovers from its fall, it turns in my palm, its eyes now staring back at me. A thousand questions fill my mind.

What did it look like before it made this miraculous transformation? Was this new form of life as a beautiful winged insect an improvement over being stuck in the body of a caterpillar? Would it appreciate its life more than it did before? Would it be able to explore more of the yard since it could now float on a breeze, escape its confines, and go over the fence?

Was there something about the versatile insect that I could learn to improve my life? After all this time, being this close to reaching my lifelong goal, what would be next? There would be no school left to keep me contained. What would I do with my newly developed wings?

With every ounce of care, I took the weak butterfly and settled it on a rose resting closer to the ground. I hope that being closer to the ground will shelter it from the next breeze. When I reach the doorway, leading back into the house, I turn to catch another glimpse of the butterfly. To my surprise, it is no longer on the ground. It stretches its wings, catches flight, and drifts over the high fence. I can’t help but smile.

 One day, I will do the same.



From the diary of Ebony Campbell:  June 6th

My roommates are crazy!

 Today, I came home from work with every intention of spending the evening studying. As soon as I showered, put on my favorite pair of comfortable sweat pants, and oversized t-shirt, Yasmine and Kaitlyn appear in my doorway insisting I go out with them.  Girls Night Out.  I had no problem participating when we planned it.

Tonight had not been planned.

Okay, so yes, it is the first official day of Summer, and maybe I do need to take a break from studying.  It would be fun to have a summer fling long enough to keep me entertained until school starts... If the right man comes along. 

Yasmine from marches over to my closet and pulls out the one dress I refuse to wear; black, clingy fabric that left nothing to the imagination. That is her idea of style, not mine. I allowed her to talk me into buying that dress months ago, but have refused to wear it. My plan was to take it back to the store, but honestly, with my hectic schedule, who has the time?

I grimaced as she ripped off the tag and threw it in the trash along with the receipt that had been in the bag.

I roll my eyes as Kaitlyn drops down on the bed next to me, her big, green eyes, glowing in anticipation of what the night could bring.

“Okay, fine. There's bond to be a hot guy there worth my time.” I say. I can’t help but smile and shake my head as Kaitlyn’s enthusiastic burst, and Yasmine’s satisfied grin.

They leave and close the door behind them. I look at the skimpy piece of fabric lying across my bed, then over to the stack of books I’d planed to read. I flop back on the bed and sigh.

Why did it feel like tonight would be a night to remember?


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