Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Heart Not Easily Broken - Brian's POV #1

Welcome back for a sneak peek into the second chapter of A Heart Not Easily Broken, Book 1 of The Butterfly Memoirs!

Chapter two is an introduction to the male lead of the story, Brian Young, sexy bass guitarist in the band, Diverse Nation.  If you missed last week's final post for chapter 1, no problem, click the link, or read the full first chapter

It is now Monday, two days since working at the club. Brian does more than play music. He also owns a lawn care business to pay his expenses.

After a long day in the hot California sun, Brian is ready to call it quits. He receives a call requesting his services. The caller informs him that her roommate is on the way home and will pay the bill. At the house, Brian is removing his equipment when the customer arrives. The moment he sees her, he is speechless... its Ebony.

Her attention is diverted as she digs around in her purse and has yet to make eye contact. Brian takes the time to study her. 

Her hair wasn’t flowing over her shoulders, tempting my fingers to get lost in its waves. Her legs were not bare, nor did she wear a skin tight, short dress, showing off shapely calf muscles, as she had the other evening. Instead, she wore a baggy shirt over pants with some kind of printed design, something like standard medical wear. She wore her hair in a ponytail, and her feet were in tennis shoes. She struggled to balance an armful of books of various sizes and a book bag over her shoulder.
Ebony was still sexy as hell.

Surprise, surprise, surprise........ 


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  1. Nice excerpt, looking forward to reading more!

  2. Nice twist, enjoyed reading his POV...can't wait to see what happens next with these two! Great six...

  3. Great six! Simply dressed and still sexy.