Saturday, July 21, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday #20- A Heart Not Easily Broken

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Last week, Brian asked Ebony to spend time with him in the VIP area of the club. He wants to get to know her, but it's too soon to ask her to leave the building with him. The next best thing is to have her move away from the speakers and attempt to have a decent conversation. But really, how easy is it to do  with music pounding in your ears and yelling at one another?

Ebony takes a look at the area designated for band members only and guarded by a menacing man in black. Brian is needed on stage for the band's second performance of the night. He doesn't wait for her reply. Instead, he toasts her with his beer bottle, gulps down the liquid, and disappears into the crowd. Ebony's eyes are on him when her friends, Yasmine and Kaitlyn, (forgot about them, huh?), reappear. Both woman question her about the blond headed hottie. Ebony smirks, under the assumption she's been set up by her friends. They tell her no, they have no clue who he is. She tells them about the VIP invite. Let's pick up from there:

Two sets of eyebrows rose.
“So, are you going?” Yasmine studied me, no doubt wondering if tonight’s mission had been a success.
I stared at the stage as the music began to play, watching Brian in action. He looked in my direction and smiled.
“I haven’t decided yet.”

We've reached the end of chapter 1....Did I just hear some gasps and 'ah man!'s???? LOL, I hope so! And as promised, I have a few surprises!

First, if you haven't heard, The Butterfly Memoirs, has found a home with 5 Prince Publishing! The first book, A Heart Not Easily Broken, will be available this fall! Stay tuned for the details of the exact release date! I am so excited to be able to share this story with you all!

Second, if you have not had the opportunity to follow all twenty of the Six Sentence Sunday post, never fear! Follow this link to read the full first chapter! Please leave your thoughts, as I love to interact with readers!

And third, because of the positive response I've gotten, I am going to share chapter 2 starting next Sunday! Come back to find out what Ebony's decision is! I look forward to hearing from you!

Here's a brief blurb:

Twenty-six-year old Ebony Campbell is a black woman working hard to achieve her dream of becoming a veterinarian at the Los Angeles Zoo. For the past seven years, her focus has been maintaining her grades, nothing, not a man, not even her friends, come between her, and her education. Until one night, her roommates convince her to put the books down and go out to have a little fun.

Brian Young is a musician, cool, confident and well on the path to making his musical dreams come true. He owns a business cutting yards during the day and makes music at night. The moment he sees Ebony dancing in the crowd as he plays on the stage, he's hooked. Determined to get to know her, he ignores her discomfort of their racial differences. His attraction isn’t based on the color of her skin; it's in her eyes and her mind...and of course her curvaceous body.

As soon as things heat up between them, Brian scores the chance of a lifetime, an offer he can't refuse, that will take him away from Ebony for three months. Ebony's willing to handle the separation since her final year of college is about to begin. The less distractions she has, the better start she'll have of her senior year.

Everything runs smoothly until one night when Ebony finds herself trapped in a situation that changes her life. The secret she must keep from Brian, and her best friend, Yasmine, threaten to ruin everything she's dedicated her life to achieving. Her education, her friendship, and the new love in her life.


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