Sunday, July 15, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday #19- A Heart Not Easily Broken

Welcome back! 

Well, peeps, we're down to the wire...the chapter is nearly complete. 

Last week Brian tells Ebony he's only interested in her. Despite talking at the bar, he'd prefer taking her somewhere where the music isn't so loud (they're at the bar where a loud speaker is booming overhead making it nearly impossible to hear each other). It's too soon to suggest leaving the club, so Brian goes for the next best thing: sitting in the bands VIP area. Plush seating, special lighting, and the fact that it is away from the speakers provide the perfect place to get to know someone.  Ebony turns to check out the VIP section. 

A few women were already lounging in the area. A man the size of Chewbacca and thankfully, a lot less hairy and dressed in black, stood, his arms crossed while wearing dark shades. He mean mugged the crowd, discouraging them from walking his way. My eyes must have bulged, because Brian chuckled. His laugh was as deep as his voice.
“He won’t bite,” he said with a wickedly charming grin. 

"He won't bite"... hmm, but will he? That grin makes a girl wonder. Would it be a bad thing if he did? What about that intimidating Security man? Why were women already over there? How many were waiting to talk to Brian? After all, he does appear to have groupies (yep, the brunette is still staring Ebony down!) 

What would spending time in that private area lead to?

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  1. If Brian wanted to be with the brunette, he would be. So she needs to back off. It's obvious he wants to be with Ebony.

  2. I hope Ebony can relax and get to know Brian, she worries so much about everything LOL! I *like* her - want her to be happy. Excellent excerpt, moves the story along nicely.

  3. Love the description :)Have a great Sunday!

  4. LOL, thanks for the comment ladies! Yeah she does, but what can you say, it's in her nature. The challenge is for her to come what happens next week? Hope you'll be back for more, and there's a surprise too!