Monday, September 3, 2012

Defining The Butterfly Memoirs

What are The Butterfly Memoirs?

Butterflies symbolize change, evolution, the shedding of the old and bringing out the new. We've all seen the plain looking caterpillars in the spring, plain Jane, ordinary insects that haunt the leaves of the bushes nearby. Until one day when they disappear into their cocoons and emerge, completely changed. They're now beautiful winged insects that capture our attention and our imagination as they float by on a breeze. The definition of a memoir is a story,a narration  told by a person, first hand, of their personal experiences.

And from this, The Butterfly Memoirs were born.

The series is a collection of stories, told in first person by the characters themselves. It is Contemporary/Multicultural Romance and Women's Fiction, addressing the realistic trials men and women face when in a relationship. My goal is to inspire hope, comfort, and encourage anyone who may be able to relate to these stories.

The first book in the series, A Heart Not Easily Broken, addresses the subject of black/white romance, friendships, and secrets.

Twenty-six-year old Ebony Campbell is a black woman working hard to achieve her dream of becoming a veterinarian at the Los Angeles Zoo. For the past seven years, her focus has been maintaining her grades, nothing, not a man, not even her friends, come between her, and her education. Until one night, her roommates convince her to put the books down and go out to have a little fun.

Brian Young is a musician, cool, confident and well on the path to making his musical dreams come true. He owns a business cutting yards during the day and makes music at night. The moment he sees Ebony dancing in the crowd as he plays on the stage, he's hooked. Determined to get to know her, he ignores her discomfort of their racial differences. His attraction isn't based on the color of her skin; it's in her eyes and her mind...and of course her curvaceous body.

As soon as things heat up between them, Brian scores the chance of a lifetime, an offer he can't refuse that will take him away from Ebony and the relationship he's convinced her to build for three months. Ebony's cool with that since her final year of college is about to begin. The less distractions she has, the better start she'll have of her senior year.

Everything runs smoothly until one night when Ebony finds herself trapped in a situation that changes her life. The secret she must keep from Brian and her best friend, Yasmine, threaten to ruin everything she's dedicated her life to achieving over the past seven years. Her education, her friendship, and the new love in her life.


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