Sunday, November 18, 2012

#Sample Sunday- A Heart Not Easily Broken- Seduction...

Ebony Campbell went out with her girlfriends with the intention of finding a man worthy enough of her time to have a summer fling. Good conversation and sex. How hard could that be? Little did she know, the man who stepped up to the challenge would be a blond haired bass player in a band. She thought her attempts to discourage him worked...or did they?

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I put the photo down and picked up another. A low clicking noise drew my attention. Brian leaned against the closed bedroom door, his eyes intent on me.

My heart kicked up a notch. “What are you doing?”
He didn’t say a word when he walked over and removed the frame from my grasp. He pulled my arms around his neck and slid his hands around my waist. His lips came for mine, taking exactly what he wanted. His kisses before had been soft with a hint of heat, but not now. Now he took possession of my mouth without holding back. There was no question, only demand.
I gave in to him, accepting his tongue eagerly as I offered him mine. A sigh of pleasure escaped me when he pushed me against the dresser, his mouth left mine and traveled from my chin to my throat. His hands roamed the length of my body, down to my butt and squeezed.
“Shh…” he murmured, coming back to my mouth.

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