Monday, November 26, 2012

And the Winner of the A Heart Not Easily Broken $10 Amazon Gift Card is.....

Before I announce the winner, I'd like to thank everyone for taking a moment to visit my blog, and especially those who took the time to comment!

There were a lot of heart touching stories I can seriously relate to, and I am glad everyone has found a reason or motivation to be thankful for something in their life. Sometimes we get so set on our individual goals we sometimes forget to look at the ones around us and be thankful for the little things. Health, no matter how good or bad, but the fact that we are still alive. Family, because some of us have lost some and have been reminded exactly how precious life is. Those two things above money and possessions are the things no person can be without and find true happiness.

I am thankful for several things.

First of all, my health. I suffered a series of strokes in 2006  and was in ICU for two weeks. I lost the ability to use the right side of my body for several days, as well as being able to read or write, much less speak coherently so my family could understand me. I was blessed with being able to walk out of the hospital...slowly, but I was walking. And now, six years later, not only am I alive, I have regained everything that I'd lost physically. I have my good days and bad ones, but if it wasn't for that experience, I would not have come to realize my talent for storytelling. I would have forever been a reader and never a writer.

I am ever thankful to my family for supporting me through the good times and the bad. Through the times I wanted to give up writing and believed I would never be published - the tears, the frustration - and yet they continued to believe I could succeed.

I am ever grateful to you, the readers for buying my book, and leaving raving reviews! Connecting with you and hearing your feedback, comments, and excitement fuel me to work hard to bring you another story that will make you want to read more! Because of that, I am happy to say that edits for Jaded, Book two of the Butterfly Memoirs have been completed and are in the hands of my beta readers. With a little more tweaking and editing, it will be ready for publication and available to you, my readers March 2013!

Seems like a long time, right? Trust me, from where I'm sitting with all the things I have to do to get it to the publisher and in your's next week! Keep an eye out over the coming months, there will be snippets and samples, sneak peeks, and Sample Sunday's coming your way, as well as more contests for Amazon Gift Cards and autographed paperbacks and eBooks!

Now, with THAT said...

The winner of the first $10 Amazon Gift Card is...........................................



I will contact you by way of email to let you know how you will receive your prize!

Thank you all again for your participation, and keep an eye out next month....I'll have another gift card to share!!!


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