Sunday, March 11, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday- #1- A Heart Not Easily Broken

This is my first #Six Sentence Sunday post. Thank you for stopping by! I hope to keep you coming back for more! My book is entitled, A Heart Not Easily Broken. The genre is Contemporary Romance, Interracial Romance, and Women’s Fiction. The book is completed and is the first in The Butterfly Memoirs Series. I am currently searching for a publisher. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, I am going to share with you snippets of the first chapter.

Ebony Campbell is nearing the start of her final year of college. For the past seven years, her focus has been on school and not men. The goal is to become a Veterinarian Technician at the Los Angeles Zoo where she  works as an intern. Her best friends, and roommates, Yasmine Phillips and Kaitlyn Rodgers, have encouraged her to put down her books for the night and search for a summer fling. After all, school is out  for the next three months. In this introduction to the main character, Ebony Campbell, she is obviously uncomfortable in her evening attire. Enjoy!

“This is the last time I wear this dress.”

“Oh, please, Ebony,” Yasmine, my best friend and roommate, yelled in my ear. The music pounding out of the nightclub’s speakers made it nearly impossible to hear her.

“Stop fidgeting. You look uncomfortable,” she added, winking at the bartender who handed us our drinks.

No matter how many times I adjusted the hem of my dress, it was impossible to ignore the warm air tickling the backs of my thighs as people pushed past me in the crowded bar.

Ladies, haven’t we all been there? Wearing a dress we should have left hanging on the rack in the store? LOL….

See you next week when I share more!

M.J. Kane 

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  1. Great six! Flirty and fun, pulls us right into the scene with the nightclub's speakers. And the dress comments remind me of the line in "Pretty Woman" where he tells her, "Stop fidgeting."

  2. MJ!!!!! Welcome to SSS, girl - so good to have you up on here. :)

    Love your six, and lol, been there one time too many, often thanks to the prompting of friends too :) XOXO

  3. Oh God, yes! Been there :) Great 6, and welcome to SSS!

    (Dang, couldn't sign in using wordpress-- might want to turn off Captcha for SSS, especially since you don't allow anonymous posting, you'll probablby be fine)

  4. Actually I haven't been there. I have no social life. :(

    Great six though.