Sunday, March 18, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday - #2- A Heart Not Easily Broken

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My goal with The Butterfly Memoirs is to bring a new and fresh voice to the romance genre. The stories I tell reflect a life many of us live, no matter what are economic status. I hope somewhere in the group of amazing, strong willed, yet emotionally vulnerable women, you the reader, will be able to relate.

This week I introduce you to Yasmine Phillips, a close friend and roommate of the book's heroine, Ebony Campbell. Yasmine is the complete opposite of Ebony. She is confident in her sexuality, and says what she means regardless of the consequences.

When we last saw Ebony, we learned she was uncomfortable in her club attire. What did Yasmine have to say about that?

 I turned to face Yasmine. “Freakum dresses are your thing, not mine.” 

 Yasmine laughed. “True, true, everyone’s not blessed with a body like mine.” She ran a hand over her hips, striking a pose. “Besides, I love showing mine off.” 

Yasmine obviously has no problem wearing the kind of dress Ebony was coerced into putting on. Ladies, we all have a friend who is extremely confident in themselves. If you don’t have one... then you’re probably it!

**Book two in the series, Jaded, is Yasmine's story. It is currently in editing phase!**

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  1. I was the short, curvy one. BFF was the tall Barbie doll! LOL! Great six, because yes, we can all understand.