Sunday, March 25, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday #3 - A Heart Not Easily Broken

Welcome back to this week’s installment of A Heart Not Easily Broken. So far, we have met the main character, Ebony Campbell, and one of her best friends, Yasmine Phillips. Ebony has been talked into going on a girl’s night out and wearing a dress obviously not her style. Why not? I’ll let her tell you herself.

           Yasmine’s high-yellow complexion, slender ballet dancer body, long legs, and B-cup breasts suited her personality. There were times I wished my body was more like hers, though. It would make shopping for clothes a lot easier. As it was, I had been blessed with the shapely figure my Nana called “bootylicious”. According to her, and her photo albums, I looked just like her when she was my age, with caramel-colored skin, perfectly proportioned hips, a butt that drew major attention, and D-cup breasts, making it hard for a man to look me straight in the eye. 
          I groaned while making another wardrobe adjustment. 

 I empathize with you sister! I hate to shop for clothes to cover a voluptuous figure!

Come back next week when I introduce the third women in The Butterfly Memoirs series, Kaitlyn Rodgers. My goal was to create different woman, ones you can easily recognize in your own group of friends. If you haven't seen yourself yet, could Kaitlyn be you??? Come back next week to find out!

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  1. Great six! Gotta love being a bootylicious woman! ;)

    1. Coincidence seeing you here, DeAnna. ;)

  2. Great six, MJ! And yes, even we Mediterranean women know how hard it is to find clothes that fit the small waist and “bootylicious” backside. Love it!

  3. Nice six. One of life's constants--especially when we are younger. We want to be all the good things we see in others. That is "visually" see, not philosophically. :-) This snippet conveys that well...

  4. Thanks for the replies ladies! @Teresa...I remember being smaller when I was a teenager, still had the curvy backside. But after having 4 kids and getting older, some of the midsection has caught up with the backside. Wouldn't give it up for a thing! LOL. Glad to see you all are enjoying the snippets. Say tuned! I'll be introducing the hero soon!

  5. Her Nana sounds like a great woman! :) I like how she is fussing over her clothing... something a lot of us can relate to.