Sunday, April 1, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday #4 - A Heart Not Easily Broken

Hello everyone! 

Another Sunday has arrived, and so has the chance to introduce  another character in The Butterfly Memoirs Series. Like Yasmine, who was introduced two weeks ago, Kaitlyn Rodgers will also have her own story, Book 3, that is currently a #wip.

Kaitlyn is another of the main character, Ebony Campbell’s, best friends. She is a woman all her own. Independent, quirky, stubborn, even if she knows she’s wrong…hold up, that sounds a lot like me! But no matter what, she has proven to be a good friend whenever either of the girls needed her. How does Ebony view her? Let’s see:

            The olive satin fabric matched her green eyes, and she’d pinned her long blonde hair away from her face.
Despite her outfit, Kaity’s bubbly laugh and infectious smile attracted men like a magnet. Her large breasts on a slender frame didn’t hurt either. Somehow, her country twang seemed to fascinate the men in southern California. Whenever we went for a girl’s night out, Kaitlyn always got picked-up first. Her innocent, Farmer’s Daughter facade won men over.

Kaitlyn is not from around here! LOL…and like Ebony and Yasmine, she is a beautiful woman who has a story to tell…when it’s her turn.

Thanks again for visiting! Come back next Sunday when Ebony’s outlook on love, men, and relationships is questioned.  As always, don’t forget to ‘like’ The Butterfly Memoirs on Facebook, follow this blog, and on Twitter!


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  1. Enjoyed the snippet, very descriptive, feel like I must know her!

  2. She sounds like a great character that I would love to read more about. I think I had some friends like her back in the day :) Great six!