Sunday, May 20, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday #11- A Heart Not Easily Broken

Okay, not time to waste! The part you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived!

Last week, Ebony found herself in the sights of the bands guitar player, a white man, a good looking white man. Unsure how to respond to his obvious attention, Ebony leaves the dance floor and returns to the bar in hopes of finding her friends. To her surprise, they’ve disappeared. She decides to grab a drink . As she waits, she listens to the woman next to her scheming to convince the very same guitar player who'd been ogling her to take her home at the end of the night. Ebony laughs to herself thinking the brunette has a better chance of finding a man than she has. And then her drink arrives.

“I’ve got this,” a deep voice said close to my ear, making me jump. It was incredibly sexy despite the fact it scared me. It also sent a warm tingle down my spine. Intrigued, I turned and found myself face-to-face with the guitar player. The same one my barstool neighbor wanted to go home with.
Any sort of coherent words failed me.

All who could feel the tingle Ebony felt, raise your hands! (Mine is waving!!!!!)

So, who do you think was more surprised by the guitar player’s appearance at the bar? Ebony, or the lady sitting next to her who wants to take him home?

Dying to know exactly what this man looks like? Come back next week and you'll get an eye full! 


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  1. *Hand raised* Something about a deep voice, taking control. I can almost imagine his warm breath on her neck. Oooh chills... Gonna go get some *iced* coffee now.

  2. Well you KNOW I'll be back next week for more of this - it's just getting even better LOL! Enjoying the story, terrific six again!

  3. @Carmen: LOL....Glad you felt the chill too! I dea every time I read it!

    @Veronica: Thanks for coming back! You're gonna love the dialogue between them! Oh yeah, and did I mention he is fine?? LOL

  4. Good stuff. Guitarists with deep sexy voices get my vote.

  5. I love this scene! I'll bet one reason he finds her attractive is that she isn't fawning over him like all the other women. What will she do now?

  6. I lover her reaction. Very nice six.

  7. Nice excerpt...just too short! Lol! I want MORE!! I'll be back next week to check the guitar player out!