Sunday, June 10, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday #14- A Heart Not Easily Broken

Back for more???? Great!!! Let's jump on in!

When we last saw Ebony, she was at the bar with the attractive blond haired guitar player introducing himself. He'd also just paid for her drink, which she didn't ask him to do. At first, she's annoyed by his arrogance in expecting her to be pleased by the gesture, not to mention the woman next to her is shooting angry daggers because he chose to talk to her instead.

So, angry woman on one side, hot man on the other, and a free drink before her...what does Ebony do?

Well, her first instinct is to study his hands, remember her thoughts on men and hands back on Six Sentence Sunday #6? He passes inspection. Yet, she's still thrown by the fact a white man is coming on to her. Still wary about his expectations, she introduces herself and they shake hands. The moment they connect, the repetition of her name as it rolls off his tongue sends unexpected shivers through her, leaving her speechless.

When I studied his eyes, lust and desire weren’t visible; but there was something else. Something made him hold my hand longer than necessary. I squirmed involuntarily before being the first to turn away.
“Meeting like this is not the best way to get to know someone.” He released my hand before leaning down to talk to me without yelling quite as loud.
My body tingled at the warm caress of his breath near my ear again. The scent of his musky cologne mixed with sweat from standing under the stage lights was alluring, the heat from his body inviting.
Then I looked back at his skin. “You’re kidding right?”

Okay, maybe not that What do you think Brian's reaction will be? Come back next week to find out!


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  1. Let's find out if he's serious . . .

  2. Enjoying the slow unfolding of this story, really like your heroine! Well done six!