Sunday, April 15, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday # 6 - A Heart Not Easily Broken

Welcome back!

Last week we learned Ebony wasn’t looking for a relationship because it could lead to distractions she has no time for. Things like love, commitment, and family.  But she’s got her mind set on sex. So, what does it take to turn the head of a independent woman?

I preferred a man who was tall, had thick lips, and eyes that could peer into the depths of my soul. A man with the body of a sex machine, yet had no problem working hard for a living and wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. One of the first things I noticed about a man was not his shoe size, but his hands. If they were too pretty and soft, the man didn’t believe in hard work. If they were overly calloused with visible dirt under the nails and full of scrapes and bruises, those were signs that a man didn’t take care of the little things, which meant the rest of him would be questionable. Now, a man with hands somewhere in between, calloused from work with no traces of dirt under his nails, those were signs of a hardworking man who could clean up nice…everywhere.

A good man, it seems, is exactly what she looking for, whether she want to admit it or not. After all, who’d be that picky over a one-night stand?

Stay tuned ladies, he is coming, and I promise, like Ebony, you won’t be disappointed!
See you next week!


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  1. She definitely knows what she wants! I liked her thoughts about a man's hands. Really enjoyed her "voice", can't wait to read more of this one! Great excerpt...

  2. Nice description and insight into her character. Great six.