Sunday, June 24, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday #16 - A Heart Not Easily Broken

Welcome Back!

Last week left Brian studying the Ebony's hand as she wiggles her fingers in front of his face. He glances at it and sees no ring. He asks if she's married or in a relationship. Clearly he's undeterred. Ebony realizes he did not get her point. Her intention was not to show off a wedding band, but to to establish the difference in race. She asks why the color of her skin doesn't bother him. He says it doesn't, but ask if its a problem for her. Not what she expected.

Ebony takes a moment to reassess him. Brian's blue gaze stays on her, never wavering. His skin is tanned, he's taller than she is, and has broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Before she realizes it, she's imagining him naked. 

Unnerved she says: 

“You’re not my type, and I’m not yours.” I put my cup to my lips and gulped, forgetting about the extra shot of tequila, I nearly choked.
Brian angled his head, apparently musing over my statement. “You have no idea what my type is.”
“What about her?” I nodded at the brunette who sat behind me. 

Boy, she's really giving this brunette props! What do you guys think? Should Brian move on to the brunette who's ready to jump him, or put the work in with Ebony to get what he wants? 

Come back next Sunday to find out what happens next!


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  1. Heck no! A challenge is always fun!

  2. What would be the fun in that :D Great six!

  3. I have a feeling his answer, as far as the brunette, is going to surprise her. She keeps underestimating him - enjoying this story VERY much, terrific sex!

  4. Thanks ladies! Glad to see your enjoying the story as much as I enjoy telling it! See you next week!

  5. Maybe flirt with the brunette a little to make Ebony jealous. I love the line where Ebony forgot about her tequila. It's details like this spice up a story. Nice job.