Sunday, July 1, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday #17- A Heart Not Easily Broken

“What about her?”

Those were the words spoken by Ebony last week in her attempt to get Brian to move on. Unable to ignore her obvious attraction to the last man she expected to meet, she goes by instinct.  Up until this point in her life, Ebony, a black woman, has never experienced the obvious attention Brian, a white man, is heaping upon her. 

Once she mentions the brunette sitting beside her - a woman who made it obvious she had plans to find her way into Brian's bed - she risks a glance over her shoulder. Her barstool neighbor is shooting obvious daggers at her, incensed the object of her desire is ignoring her. If looks could kill, Ebony is well aware she would be dead. 

How does Brian respond? 

Let's find out.

The room felt as if it had shrunk to the size of a shoebox.
“If I wanted her, I wouldn’t be talking to you.”
Disbelief had me laughing. Of all the brothers in the club, none approached me. Yet, this man spied me from the stage and made his way over. I had to admit, he was bold. 

He is one bound and determined man! Don't you love a man like that? Not afraid to say what he wants? No matter how independent a woman feels is, there is no way to ignore a good looking man who takes control, tells you what he wants, (in a respectful way that is!), and wastes no time making it happen. *If you've just swooned on the floor, get up, fan yourself, and grab a bottle of water! It's going to be okay!)

Alas, this chapter is coming to an end, only a few more of these Six Sentence Sunday post left. Rest assured, on the last post, I will share the entire chapter, each and every word. I hope you have as much fun reading the entire scene as I have had sharing it! 

See you next week!


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  1. Love it! Actually got chills... "If I wanted her...." Nice!

  2. I LOVE him, his answer was PERFECT. Can't wait to read the rest, have been enjoying this story so much. Great six!

  3. I like him. Grab that guy, Ebony! Great six!