Sunday, July 8, 2012

#Six Sentence Sunday #18- A Heart Not Easily Broken

Welcome back!

So, Brian has just told Ebony, in so many words, he's not interested in talking to anyone but her. Ebony's response is to laugh and admit that despite all the men who shown her attention since being at the club did it from a distance. Not Brian. After spying her from the stage, he boldly walks over, buys her a drink, and is not thrown off his game by the way she responds.

Let's pick up from there. Brian continues:

           “I want to get to know you. We could−” Annoyance flashed on his face when he acknowledged the hand on his shoulder.
I scoffed, nearly spitting out my drink. The drummer, the object of my suggestive dancing−and oh, my God, that body−stood next to Brian. He didn’t give me the time of day. 

Guess the jokes on her! So, where does she go from here? Will she continue to give Brian a hard time, despite his determination to get to know her? After all, he's the first to admit meeting at a bar where the lights are low and the music loud and distracting is not the best place to meet someone and have an intelligible conversation. Or, should she go for the drummer who was the reason why she'd gone to the stage in the first place?

Any thoughts? What do you think will happen next? Come back next week!


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  1. I really like Brian... I can just picture his face at the drummer interrupting him. Sometimes Six Sentences just isn't enough. :)

  2. I like Brian and I'm not feeling it for this drummer (although usually I'm all about the drums LOL). I find myself wanting to shake your heroine (inagoodway) and tell her to WAKE UP and give Brian a chance! Great six!

  3. LOL! Veronica! We'll see what she says next week! It's coming down to the end!!!!!!!! Kinda hate it though, I was having so much fun!

  4. You've created great tension here. Congratulations. Brian and Ebony should end up together but not without some drama.

  5. interesting 6!! great tension and I'm curious what will happen next!