Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Heart Not Easily Broken- Ebony's POV #1

Welcome back for a sneak peek into the third chapter of A Heart Not Easily Broken, Book 1 of The Butterfly Memoirs!

Chapter 3 takes us back to Ebony's POV. After meeting sexy bass guitarist, Brian Young, at a nightclub during a Girl's Night Out with her friends, and ignoring his attempt to get to know her, she figured she'd never see him again. Two days later, he shows up at her house, hired by her roommate to cut their grass. Discovering  there is more to the blue-eyed hunk than sexy hands on a guitar is an eye opener. How will she respond? 

If you missed last weeks post, click the link. Missed the night they met? Read the full first chapter to catch up!  

After making it into her house carrying her load of books for school, Ebony is beyond flustered. She thought she'd never see Brian again unless she went back to the club. Now he's here, in her yard... still handsome and his smile even cockier. Then she realizes she smells like the animal hospital where she works. Disgruntled, she hops into the shower. Afterwards, she goes to the kitchen and peeks out of the window and is dumbstruck by the site before her. Brian has stripped down to his shorts as he works, sweat dripping over his body. 

His abs were tight, his belly button nearly nonexistent.

Brian’s bronzed skin reminded me of a Greek statue, a testament of many hours spent working outside. His backward baseball cap hid the thick blond curls I’d seen at the club. The damp ringlets hung below its rim, accentuating his square facial structure and the shape of his nose. His blue eyes seemed to glow from deep within his skin.
            Brian was unbelievably sexy

She didn't see that coming! Who knew sweat could look so good? Anyone else in need of lawn care????? (ladies, get your heads out of the!)


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  1. Whew! My lawn is looking a bit shabby...could I borrow your hunk? LOL Great Six!

  2. ROTFL Ann! Love it! Yes, he's available, though we all may have to fight Ebony by the time he's done!

  3. Unforunately there's been a drought in my area so I can't ask to borrow Brian. :(

    1. ROTFL!!!! Maybe he can be convinced to water your lawn! It's a recession, he's open to negotiations!