Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Support and Sacrifice in a Relationship: When Dreams Are Not Your Own

I found this article the other day and had to share: (for the full article, click the link below)

‘One of the key components of a relationship is the support that two people provide for each other, yet it is typically one of the most overlooked aspects of choosing the perfect mate. A relationship that is built upon mutual support will overcome just about any obstacles that two individuals encounter along the way.

Lack of support in a relationship can surface in many ways. It can be something as simple as a failure to be sympathetic when a mate has had a bad day at work, to the major support that is required when embarking on a new business endeavor or during life changing events. 

Support can take on many forms, but in the broadest sense, it is the willingness of two people in a relationship to lift and encourage each other to be the best that they can be. It is also the willingness for each of the individuals to be there for each other through both good and bad times.’ (For the rest of this article, visit WorldVilliage)

Looks. Personality. Goals. Sexual Attraction. All are important during the beginning stages of a relationship.

Over time, personalities clash, good looks fade, and the intense sexual attraction experienced in the beginning can simmer.

Finding a supportive relationship is one of the key things that aids Ebony's decision to ignore the color of Brian's skin and focus on building a relationship.

“He’s persistent, that’s for sure. He kept after me even when I told him no. And he is a hard worker, not a slacker at all. He doesn’t use his love of music as an excuse not to work in the meantime. He’s very realistic about what he wants and is supportive of my dreams. That’s what I love most about him.”- Ebony Campbell when talking about her boyfriend, Brian Young. 

It's through this supportive and loving relationship that the two of them are able to make it through the tough trial they face.

So, do you support your significant other?

Do you go out of your way to help them reach their dreams? How important is it to you that your mate support your life goals? Be it a new job, a life changing career, or the decision to move away from their family and closer to yours. How important is it to you that you have their support in return?


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  1. Support is so important. Two weeks after my husband and I got married we bought a business together. We quickly learned that we could support eachother or we could pull one another down. This applies to ever part of our lives. We work ver diligently to grow together and support one anothers goals. One of the ways I did this as a wife was to learn about video games. I didn't really care about them but they are very important to my husband. What did he do? He has learned about clothing, fashion and also about being published so he can help me in my interests. Love is a unique thing! Support is so important!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Yes it is! Love is a give and take relationship. Compromise is needed, as well as the willingness to straighten someone out if they need to be put on the right path. Finding that support system is the first key element that brings my characters together and holds them there when things take a turn for the worst.

  2. Support is a big component in a relationship. I try to support my husband in everything (except buying a motorcycle, I wasn't thrilled about that). When it comes to jobs and interests we are always there for each other. I'm now an avid football fan, and he'll watch British miniseries--not quite a fan :). I am overwhelmed by how much he's supported me and my publishing goals. He's been my strength whenever things get me down, and my biggest cheerleader when things are going well.

  3. Support is essential. I know I would not have achieved many of my goals without the support and encouragement of my husband.

  4. Thanks for sharing a great article. My husband and I approach our 30th Wedding Anniverary in Sept. and I absolutely agree, mutual support is a big part of what got us this far.