Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Heart Not Easily Broken- Ebony's POV #4

Welcome back to the LAST sneak peek into the third chapter of A Heart Not Easily Broken, Book 1 of The Butterfly Memoirs!

Chapter 3 takes us back to Ebony's POV. After meeting sexy bass guitarist, Brian Young, at a nightclub during a Girl's Night Out with her friends, and ignoring his attempt to get to know her, she figured she'd never see him again. Two days later, he shows up at her house, hired by her roommate to cut their grass. Discovering  there is more to the blue-eyed hunk than sexy hands on a guitar is an eye opener. How will she respond? 

If you missed last weeks post, click the link. Missed the night they met? Read the full first chapter to catch up!  

After his laughter subsides, Brian tells Ebony he likes her feistiness and the color of her skin. He then drops the bomb and tells her that he has dated black women before. This information leaves her speechless. Brian reminds her that she still hasn't told him why she avoided him. Without giving too much more information away, I will leave you guys with the last six sentences of chapter 3:

“No, I don’t have a problem with you being white.”
“Somehow I find that hard to believe,” he said, matter-of-factly.
“Well, it’s true. One of my best friends and roommate is white,” I said in defense.
“Good. Since race is not a problem, go out with me tomorrow night.”

So, have I left you wanting more? I hope so because A Heart Not Easily Broken will be published THIS THURSDAY! Thank you guys so much for your support! I hope you enjoy the book and please follow me on the links listed below and share your comments and questions!


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  1. Can't wait to read the entire book - best wishes on the Release! And this six was good, as always, glad to see they cleared the air.

    1. Thank you, Veronica! I am really excited! Can't you tell??? LOL!