Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Heart Not Easily Broken- A Romance Novel Even a Man Can Enjoy!

Yep! You read that title correctly!

'But, MJ, guys don't read romance novels, they think they're sappy!'

Some can be, but depending on the subject matter, you can draw in any reader. Case in point: I was checking  my Amazon states when I found this new review...not only was it a wonderful review, it was written from a male reader!


"It's 2012 . America has not only elected its first biracial president, it has just reelected him. In light of this reality, one might think that interracial relationships are non-issues in the eyes of Americans. Most of us probably would like to think of ourselves as so open-minded about such relationships that they don't matter. But what if the relationship involves a friend or family member? What if he relationship is yours, and you not only have to think about how you feel about it, but what others think?

In "A Heart Not Easily Broken", MJ Kane gives us a front row seat in observing the interracial relationship between Ebony and Brian. The story is told from their perspectives, and addresses  the challenges, the insecurities and the potential emotional pitfalls that an interracial couple must face as individuals and as a couple. Some of them are common to every couple. Some are unique to interracial couples. Others are uniquely the challenges faced by a white man and black woman who love each other.

And if that dynamic weren't enough, Ms. Kane delivers a shocking incident that threatens to destroy Brian and Ebony's love and relationship. It teaches us that in the end, "race" is not as important as the love and trust between two people, and that secrets kept are cancers that fester and grow until it becomes fatal to the relationship.

If you like romantic drama, you will love MJ Kane's "A Heart Not Easily Broken." - Christopher L. Bynum, New Jersey, USA. 5.0 out of 5.0 STARS

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