Friday, November 30, 2012

The Goodreads Review that Made My Day!

A well-written and honest book review can be hard to come by. As an author, and a new one at that, it always makes my day to see what people who have purchased a copy of my book have to say. While every numerical ranking, (3, 4, 5, and even those dreaded 1 and 2 Star Reviews), is appreciated, it never takes the place of readers thoughts.

When I write, my goal is to pass a message of hope, love, and the ability to overcome and recover from life's trials, to my readers. Receiving a review showing my message was took to heart and the reader was affected by it makes the years invested into writing Ebony and Brian's story worth while!

With that said, I am sharing a portion of a review I received on Goodreads...(Follow the link at the end to read the rest!)

's review
Nov 19, 12

4 of 5 stars false
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Read from November 18 to 19, 2012

Ok first off I have to say this... To all moms with girls please talk to your daughters about sexual abuse and about being safe and thinking with you head first instead of your heart. Not all guys are trustworthy always go with your gut filling and please please girls girls talk to your moms, don't hold anything back and never be afraid to tell on someone no mater what they hold over your heads, having heart ache and going through a trauma is not something to be held inside TELL TELL TELL someone!!!

Ok not that I got that out... this was a wonderful I/R story, a short read but good nonetheless... This story was about a woman with goals and an agenda set for her life. College, job then become wife and mother... It was also a story about a man with similar goals, he is a hard working man with two jobs one to pay the bills and one to lead the way to his dream job as an musician. As they both work toward those goals there worlds collide and wham!

They were and awesome couple to read about. There growth from friends to lovers was so endearing and wonderfully done they made me smile a lot. I loved Ebony she was confident and sexy and sweet and loving and a very easy going, a person I could see as a close friend. Brian was H.O.T. of course they always make you fall in love with the men, but really I loved them both equally they were a well matched couple. I loved that he was hard working and I loved how the author incorporated what they actually did for a living. It was so neat to actually read about a Man that did gardening for a living it totally gave me a different look on it. You don't think about the gardner going to house to house and the muscles that end up aching from the day of mowing lawns... Ebony sure enjoyed it after there second meeting and he showed up at her house to do the lawn the shirt off the sweat dripping down his body sure did change her tune about There relationship was so sweet and so believable the insecurities, the trust, the love making, it all just was wonderful to read. 

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The hidden gem to this that really made my day was the pictorial collage created to share what she felt the characters looked like! I love it, especially since Paul Walker was who I modeled Brian's physical description after!

Well here is my couple and theme song 'Don't Be Afraid' By Mya Happy Reading...


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