Sunday, December 9, 2012

#SampleSunday- A Heart Not Easily Broken- Questions

Brian Young has fallen deep in love it Ebony. The night before he leaves town for three months, he tells her he wants to marry her and shares his intentions of finding a place of his own when he returns. Ebony wants the same thing and promises to be faithful.  Once he comes back in town they spend a passionate weekend together. When Brian returns to his home, a house he rents with his friend, Javan, his happy bubble is burst...


"Have you met her family yet?”
I hooked my thumbs in the front pocket of my jeans. “No. I plan to spend the next couple of months getting to know everything about her, including her family. In December, I’ll take her home and meet them.” At least that was my plan. Ebony didn’t know a thing about it.
Javan snickered. “I’d love to be a fly on that wall.”
“I’m not worried. If…when I marry her, it will be Ebony who’s my wife, not her family. If they won’t support us, mine will.”
He grabbed a bottle of water, gulped, and watched me. “Have you wondered why she’s still with you? I mean, could dating you be an experiment? You know what I’m saying? What if you got all wrapped up and found out she really wants to go back to black?” His chest puffed out. “What if she used you as means to stay busy while waiting for her dream man? I’m sure her parents will have a lot to say about who she marries.” He gathered his towel and strolled back into the house. When he reached the door, he paused. “You might want to see if she cheated while you were gone.”
“What?” I stared at him.
“Think about it. You guys haven’t been together long. Then you leave her alone.” He shrugged. “It wouldn’t take much for a brother to,” he sucked his teeth and smirked, “pick her up and take care of where you left off. Yasmine mentioned she’d been acting weird lately. But don’t pay me any attention, what do I know?” He laughed as he walked off.
I stood rooted to the floor and watched his back disappear through the door.

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