Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#TeaserTuesday-A Heart Not Easily Broken- Yasmine Phillips

Sample Sunday introduced you to Yasmine Phillips, the heroine of the next book in The Butterfly Memoirs Series, Jaded.  She was in her happy place, having just gotten engaged and elated about where her life was going.  In this sample, I'm gonna back it up just a bit and let her tell you how she feels about working for her family's business.


“Ms. Phillips, you have a call on line three.”
I sighed. “Thomas, how many times have I told you, call me Yasmine?”
The young, pimpled faced kid, who worked the front desk, blushed in my doorway. He looked like he’d pass out on the floor if I smiled at him. Talk about a teenage crush.
“I’m-m-m-… sorry, I just can’t­”
What he couldn’t do was get the words out without stammering half to death. Where did my father find this guy?
“It’s okay, just send the call through.”
Thomas shut his mouth, nodded, and walked into the doorframe. He looked at me again, his face even redder from embarrassment.
I allowed a half smile, not wanting to throw too much at him for fear of having to transfer the call myself.
He responded with a dorky grin and headed back to the front desk.
The Phillips’ Family Inn had been in business since I attended high school. I’d been assistant manager of this location since graduating college. My parents sweated blood and tears to open the establishment.
 After years of planning, my great-grandmother’s death left my mother enough money and the perfect property to build their dream.
Twelve years later, there were two locations with the possibility of a third opening up next year. Talk about following your dreams.
My dream did not include running a hotel for the rest of my life.
Fashion was my thing.  I spent every free moment researching and using my family and friends as test dummies. As far as they were concerned, I became the ‘go to’ person when needing to dress for the occasion. My best friend, Ebony, was one of my better case studies. The day we met, she wore a pair of jeans and an everyday t-shirt that hid her beauty. It took a few months to break her shell.
My goal was to start a business as a fashion consultant. I had the skill, the talent, and the motivation. All I needed was time. And a location to work out of.


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