Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#TeaserTuesday- The Tattoo

One of my favorite parts of writing A Heart Not Easily Broken was writing from the hero, Brian Young's POV. I love it when readers leave comments of how they fell in love with him. He's got swagger, a sexy smile, and knows how to use his hands....

Fanning yourself yet?

Here's a sexy sample of one of my favorite scenes....You many need a shower!


And then I saw it.
A blue winged butterfly sat on her perfect hip.
I ran my finger over the tattoo lightly. We hadn’t been together in one, long, agonizing week. The new mark had nearly healed.
     “I got it last week. Do you like it?”
Did I like it? Was she kidding? It was seductive as hell. I leaned over and ran my lips over it.
     “It’s perfect,” I murmured and continued the journey over to her spine and up her back. We’d discuss the beauty of it later. Right now, I was on a mission.

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  1. That's a nice excerpt. And I appreciated the accuracy of "The new mark had nearly healed." I always laugh when, in a TV show or movie a character gets inked, and one hour later it's no longer red and puffy.